MTN Scam website: investigating

I would like to say Thank you to Anil for posting a comment on the post titled: MTN Scam site: investigating and informing us about a new MTN Scam website:

Below is a screenshot:



heres the URL screenshot:



Its the same MTN scam website template being used at the many MTN scam notices we have provided you. I think this calls for MTN Online presence managers to come up with more ways of out-smarting the many scammers who are having their field day impersonating MTN online. How about a dynamic front page for a start.

Here are some information about

IP address:



Scam webhost: iWeb Technologies, Canada. We featured iWeb Technologies, Canada previously in the scam website post. Can someone please inform iWeb Technologies, Canada that they are contributing to the bad image Nigeria already has, by offering their services to crooks like independendoffer dot com?



and is there a department in the EFCC with enough IT skilled people, who can assist in bringing fraudsters to the book?

Registration info: the domain name was recently registered, just October 6th, and the scammer is hoping in a one-year investment.




Lastly, I checked the website of  iWeb Technologies, Canada, and discovered they have a Nigerian office / representative in Nigeria – at least. This makes me say: NO WONDER.

Below is a screenshot of iWeb Technologies website. Note the circled portion at the upper right.



information sources:


21 responses

  1. pls also confirm this website i recieved a text from that site

  2. Hello,i received a msg 4rm 180 dat i won #100,000,000 in the in the indepedent raffle draw on 27th of oct. 2009. i’m ask to confirm. pls, dis is my no. 08038331696

  3. @AllWell,
    thanks for dropping by, thanks for the information about

    Please be informed that is a SCAM WEBSITE. Do not patronize it. Don’t reply their text messages, and don’t send anybody your ATM PIN Number.

    Please be informed that is a SCAM WEBSITE. Do not patronize it. Don’t reply their text messages, and don’t send anybody your ATM PIN Number.

    Please be informed that is a SCAM WEBSITE. Do not patronize it. Don’t reply their text messages, and don’t send anybody your ATM PIN Number.

    Please be informed that is a SCAM WEBSITE. Do not patronize it. Don’t reply their text messages, and don’t send anybody your ATM PIN Number.

    Please be informed that is a SCAM WEBSITE. Do not patronize it. Don’t reply their text messages, and don’t send anybody your ATM PIN Number.

  4. am mary i got a message that i won 1,000,000 pls i want to confirm if is true.This my number 08038332966 pls reply


    GODSWILL SAID,that he has won 1,000000,i want to confirm if it is true.MY PHONE is 08039240526

  6. am charity Akpobolokemi i got a messege that i won 1,0000,000.00 naira on the 27/10/09,please i want to confirm if this message is phone num is +2348038331499.
    please send me the mesage.


  7. i got a message that i won 1,ooo,ooo.oo naira on the independent raffle draw on the 13/10/2009 so i will like to know how true it is. i am anciously waiting……………… JEKEYDRUMS


  9. am temitope I got a msg 4rm’independentoffer.comthat i won the sum of #1,000,000.00.I just what to know how far is through and u even send me the code number.this is my phone number 08039236046.

  10. Sir,
    I am Mr. Adejo I got a msg 4 that I won the sum of N1,000,000.00. I just what to know if it is true that I have won this amount. My phone number is 08039690186

    Thank you.

  11. Are you guys dumb? This blog is dedicated to telling you there is a scam around and you are asking whether the 1million dollars they claim you have won is true. Did you sow a seed to germinate into 1 million. You better get to work and earn some honest money. These guys are based in lagos and around nigeria and would swindle you of all what you have. No organisation in the world ves money via the internet. If you contact them you are on the way into real trouble. They would clear your account and put you into debt. Don’t even reply to their emails as it confirms they have a ‘mugu’ on the other side. Once you see the msg delete it immediately. A man in the UK here lost £130,000.00 because he responsed to this sort of email and is in deep trouble now. Anyone can be swindled so be aware. These guys are smart and use anything (juju, magic, etc) to outwirt their victims. Run and pray to God to show you an honest way of making it. If there is a fake way, it proves that an honest way exist. It might seem long but you will get there as you patiently allow God lead you. Finally, prepare for the coming of the Lord which is more important that pursuing that fake million which is a mirage.

    God bless you.

  12. i received a text from mtn that i won 1000,000. i want to know wether is through. this is my number 08039690305

  13. @Pastor Akin,
    thank you sir. Thats the way to say it. Please tell them.
    It bugs me too, that after doing a little research and putting the tech/non-tech information online for the whole word to see, read and take caution from, some Nigerians, unfortunately dont read the post. Their covetiousness immediately makes them leave a comment asking if/if not the text message they receieved is genuine or fake. And I’m like, with all the above? you are still asking questions?

    Some of the comments/questions Ive received on this blog have proved to me that Covetousness is really a deadly disease. It makes one so blind that a stop-red-light might actually look GREEN.

    thanks Pastor for dropping by!

  14. pls, iam like to comfiremed is it true i won 1000 000 naira? i received the message from mtn. here is my phone number pls. 08038329733.

  15. I think it’s time MTN and other Networks do something about the scandal of their company. cos I,m still surprise of what happened how they had the zeal to make use of MTN’s code(180). People now think that the networks officials have merge with the fraudsters.

  16. i received a message from mtn on octomber that i won 1,000,000 and i log in to the web site given to me in that message but the form to fill is not given to me.pls.put me through and let fil the form so as for me to win the bonanza.

  17. attention!!! tend to my mail pls

  18. I recieved a msg On april 26,2010 that there is GistMe celebrate greatness quiz promo and they sent some question to me to answer so I wanted to know if it is true,the msg body is 35021.

  19. is not a scam site, they are legit, they provide hosting services and are based in montreal, canada. I have an account with them.
    when you accessed the site from a nigerian ip address, or any other country it basically shows you the flag based on where you are from, there’s nothing fishy about that.

  20. Danielle Simmons

    They are also the originator of romance scammer emails. I got a bunch of them from a Nigerian scammer who imposted as someone else. It is a whole scam joint altogether.

  21. super-teapotter

    My views and observations differ from Liquidspy. Someone who write is defense of iWeb Technologies, when it is clearly a scammer’s galore site… Internet community beware!

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