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SCAM on 2deal4real dot com: US Green Card Guaranteed, NO LOTTERY within 5-Months

From auctionable Nigerian women for sale ONLINE to scam adverts, only God knows how far Nigerians will go to get money. Its happening at

As of today, this is how the front page looks like: please click to enlarge.



One of the adverts that warrants ATTENTION is an advert for a United States Green card within 5–months (No Lottery). Did you read me right? as in you sit down in Nigeria and get a GREEN CARD?

Wahala dey o.

scrolling down the front page, see the circled advert below: click picture to enlarge


heres the screen-cap of the text: click to enlarge


heres the full-text for your info:


You had a dream of relocating to America?
Wanna become a US Resident (USR) so you could travel to other countries or access most popular countries without a visa in most cases?
Want to add to your collection of residency cards and make USA one of them?
Fear of rejection or confused about due process?
Am in Nigeria now to solve this problem for you.
I found a loop hole to help Nigerians in and outside Nigeria become residents in 5 months rather than the usual 18months or more.
Get your work permit within 3 months rather than the usual and expensive 9 month process.
All this in one package.
Package includes a trip to Mexico, accommodation for two months (you only need to be there for 2 weeks, go back to Nigeria to wait for the approval or have a two month vacation in Mexico), Mexican visa and Passport to create domicile in Mexico, legal fees, filing and other procedures.

*Candidate must not have been denied a visa by any US consulate or USCIS in the past 18 months.
*No criminal record or background record within the US
*Must show proof he/she can afford to pay for the program – Bank statement or Sponsor’s bank statement, good credit score or credit report.
*Candidate and or spouse ages must range between 19-37.
*Candidate’s dependent children should be less than 17yrs 11months on the date of application to qualify as dependents and included in the application or a separate file and process will be made for them
*Candidate and spouse pay different fees and separate filings for both.
*Candidate CANNOT WITHDRAW from the process when candidate has enrolled.
*NO REFUNDS after enrollment.
*Candidate covers airfare only. Transportation to and from Airport is included in the package

Contact HEME on
08079864323, 07042288209 or email
BlackBerry PIN 20C8E631
Yahoo IM – b.heme
MSN Messenger –
AIM Messenger – bobkuskura


Package costs $16776.32. Payment plan in 4 parts according to processing

source: click here


Sixteen Thousand dollars to get Green Card?

If you have such an amount, you better start buying all the property along the Lagos Ibadan expressway. Looks too good to be true. Me-smells a scam. No be by force to become Americana, or perhaps you’ll become Mexicana first?

If a US Green Card was that easy for an American wannabe, the US Embassy should have advertized themselves. T’would be a good fund-raising idea, hey.

And I’m wondering if the stakeholders at 2deal4real have verified the genuineness of the above before they allowed him or her to post such an advert.

Abeg o, if you get scammed, don’t blame me o. I’ve told you. You are on your own.

I’ll mail the American Embassy immediately and hit you up on any thing I find out.

Till then Beware!



Nigerians Online Boxing Webring (NOBW) – Part1

Please forgive the title. I didn’t know what else to call it. Read on.

I thought to entertain myself a little today, so lets start with this video. I searched “Nigerians Fighting” on Youtube and this is what I found.

1) of Loy versus Vic Okezie (

The last post on is dated 4th, May2009, and if you have are current with the ups and downs of the whole story, all of us who were rooting behind Loy Okezie and his StartupsNigeria website really felt disappointed that StartupsNigeria had to end the way it did. For a quick recap:

advise: abeg, bros’ Loy and Vic, take it easy o. What if one day, the two of you, acting as consultants for your individual clients meet(unplanned). What would you do? I understand that in Nigeria money comes first before brotherhood, but then, why should a laptop separate brothers?

2) of NairaBytes versus Web4Africa

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across another blogger: NairaBytes and what interested me was his story about Web4Africa: original story, and 60 days until the expiration of……. I had passed a comment, just like I was advised a year ago: to ‘shine my eyes’, you know just the normal Nigerian talk. If there is a smoke, isn’t there a fire?

The last time David of Web4Africa stopped by was after I reported one of the domains registered by his company used for scam emails. He asked me to remove his name from the post blah blah blah on the ground of “wrong impression creation” – despite the fact I wasn’t pointing an accusing finger at him. I didn’t mind but was a little apprehensive.

I stopped by to check the post again today, and O boy, tempers are really boiling. Wahala dey for this country o: when you pay for a service, complain for a whole year and don’t get the service, and you ask for a refund and its not ‘forth-coming’ either, the argument is even on this post. Maybe we should carry go to Nairaland, and allow the panelists of Nigerian judges settle the issue?

advise: if NairaBytes is telling the truth, me-thinks he needs to get his money back, else let the issue die.

3) Strictlyonlinebiz and Kodesurveys are the contenders in the last boxing match for today. Strictlyonlinebiz, talking about Online surveys concludes his post with:

Any site that asks for an access fee to online surveys should be analyzed carefully. From what I’ve learnt, survey companies are supposed to make money when YOU make money and not the other way around!

source: click here

and considering the opposite is true for, a war of words has ensued between the two.

From fucking maths, to fucking balls to freaking review to totally broke ass’ to fucking freaking to fucked up Nigerians, its serious, English plenty and wahala dey for this country o. Please just go there and read.

Whew, as the referee for these ongoing boxing matches, let me say a big thank you to you for reading, your comments are welcome.

Please watch out for Nigerians Online Boxing Webring (NOBW) – part2, coming soon. Till then stay tuned.

Your comments are welcome.