Nigerians Online Boxing Webring (NOBW) – Part1

Please forgive the title. I didn’t know what else to call it. Read on.

I thought to entertain myself a little today, so lets start with this video. I searched “Nigerians Fighting” on Youtube and this is what I found.

1) of Loy versus Vic Okezie (

The last post on is dated 4th, May2009, and if you have are current with the ups and downs of the whole story, all of us who were rooting behind Loy Okezie and his StartupsNigeria website really felt disappointed that StartupsNigeria had to end the way it did. For a quick recap:

advise: abeg, bros’ Loy and Vic, take it easy o. What if one day, the two of you, acting as consultants for your individual clients meet(unplanned). What would you do? I understand that in Nigeria money comes first before brotherhood, but then, why should a laptop separate brothers?

2) of NairaBytes versus Web4Africa

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across another blogger: NairaBytes and what interested me was his story about Web4Africa: original story, and 60 days until the expiration of……. I had passed a comment, just like I was advised a year ago: to ‘shine my eyes’, you know just the normal Nigerian talk. If there is a smoke, isn’t there a fire?

The last time David of Web4Africa stopped by was after I reported one of the domains registered by his company used for scam emails. He asked me to remove his name from the post blah blah blah on the ground of “wrong impression creation” – despite the fact I wasn’t pointing an accusing finger at him. I didn’t mind but was a little apprehensive.

I stopped by to check the post again today, and O boy, tempers are really boiling. Wahala dey for this country o: when you pay for a service, complain for a whole year and don’t get the service, and you ask for a refund and its not ‘forth-coming’ either, the argument is even on this post. Maybe we should carry go to Nairaland, and allow the panelists of Nigerian judges settle the issue?

advise: if NairaBytes is telling the truth, me-thinks he needs to get his money back, else let the issue die.

3) Strictlyonlinebiz and Kodesurveys are the contenders in the last boxing match for today. Strictlyonlinebiz, talking about Online surveys concludes his post with:

Any site that asks for an access fee to online surveys should be analyzed carefully. From what I’ve learnt, survey companies are supposed to make money when YOU make money and not the other way around!

source: click here

and considering the opposite is true for, a war of words has ensued between the two.

From fucking maths, to fucking balls to freaking review to totally broke ass’ to fucking freaking to fucked up Nigerians, its serious, English plenty and wahala dey for this country o. Please just go there and read.

Whew, as the referee for these ongoing boxing matches, let me say a big thank you to you for reading, your comments are welcome.

Please watch out for Nigerians Online Boxing Webring (NOBW) – part2, coming soon. Till then stay tuned.

Your comments are welcome.


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  1. […] At a point in time, I felt so insulted/degraded and lashed out @ both parties, with much of my venom aimed @ Ayeseteminikan Adewale C. In the process I said some pretty awful things which I somewhat of regret @ the moment. So awful were the things I said, that this particular blog post was featured @ Nigerians Online Boxing Webring (NOBW) – Part1. […]

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