Thanks for checking us out at NaijaTechTalk. We are a group of like-minded people who seek to make a difference in our society.

The Talk on this blog is mainly about how Technology can be harnessed, used and derived for the benefit of the common man, and for the Nation as a whole.

We would want to stimulate our readers up to the thinking level.The simple idea is to teach man how to fish and let him fish for himself.

We shall be presenting ‘our opinion/s’ and discussing issues as relating to telecommunications(mobile, satellite etc), the internet, the economy(from a technical point of view), various areas of Information Technology, e-commerce and governance, etc., – basically issues that have to deal with technology. We shall try to present an overview of what others have done, are doing and what we can do and contribute towards achieving a better Nigeria.

Tutorials will be presented and opinions sought after through interviews etc. We shall also feature notable Nigerians from all walks of life who are lifting up our National and Technical image.

Kindly feel free to drop by, read our articles and leave your comments. Hopefully, such can be the start of a rewarding discussion.

For now, we can be contacted through the email read backwards: gmail dot com at africantux

warm regards
NaijaTechTalk Admin.


17 responses

  1. Infact if it work becose nigeria is far be hind like other nation i believe we can do it i like to join

  2. infact i learn much about etisalat and i like their network i want have to it.

  3. am very disappointed in your company i reserve a number but you refuse to send me a passcode of which i cannot be able to use your network it’s bad.

  4. @Olapade Bukola,
    please note that NAIJATECHTALK is a weblog about issues that have to do with technical/technology, with Nigeria as a focus. This is not the official company information page for Etisalat Nigeria.

    If you havent received a passcode, you can email Etisalat directly. They can help you out.


  5. I love ur network cuz its cheap in making calls. But the problem i have is this:I can make calls but i cant recieve calls WHY? U guys should better look 4 a solution if not am going 2 break (scatter) the sim card u guys gave 2 me. And will never use ur network again. I will even discourage most of my friends and co-workers from purchasing ur network, if u dont find a solution. Here is my num 08089111240.

  6. And this group have no name??

  7. i love what is going on at GLO they are faithfull, but to talk about MTN they are robbers even they are terrible set of telecom.

  8. My God! You guys definitely have your work cut out! I’m not even sure anyone who’s commented here know what a weblog is. But keep it up…with folks like you, we’ll get there eventually.

    I run a legal technology blog and I would love it if you could visit.

  9. Can somebody pls tell the meaning of this sms sent to my phone early mornning of sarturday,that i have won 1,000,000 with free trip to south africa. its joke or what? 08034396123 my number

  10. pls. can somebody tell me what is happening? mtn anniversary or what? 08034074159

  11. u sent a msg to my fone that i should browse on dis site i love dis ntwrk bt i dnt understand

  12. There have been many trips on my unbelievable journey as the CCIE Agent™ but few have been as much fun as Cape Town. Sure I was on the Nile River with my hippie friend from Libya and yes there were the Egyptian CCIEs who made me feel so at home in Cairo and then the great reception I received from the Network Academy students in both places as well as Johannesburg and Athens, but for sheer fun it was Cape Town hands down. I managed to see a lot of the city and the evening mixer was a real hoot. But let me start at the beginning, this time.


    We have other articles in the queue if you are interested…..

  13. Nike, Abiola others who share stuffs like you did should take caution. Dont’ turn this place to facebook please. We need technical dicussions and we ll appreciate them.

  14. Great Content…

    The particulars and exact recommendation are insurance specifically what I was wanting….

  15. Very nice and appreciate able doing.
    Am usman(shehuKARAMA) we are building a helicopter that expected to be the first successful home built helicopter in Africa… Follow me on Facebook usman s usman. (mightyphysicist@facebook.com)

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